Minedfield bvba was founded by Arch. Philip De keersmaecker.
During his studies in the Luca (Sint-lucas) School of Art College and the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), it became clear that both his interest in Architecture and his passion for computer graphics was a combination that held great promise.
So after his graduation with honours from the Luca school in 1999 and after finishing his 2 years of Architectural internship, Philip decided to make his passion for 3D computer graphics his profession.

Minedfield aims to offer you a professional and flexible service, while keeping an eye on your deadline and budget.
In collaboration with you, we work towards a final product that will suit your needs.
During more then a decade of experience we have built up a broad network of collaborators : architect offices, communication offices, 3D printing services, branding offices, voice recording studios, desktop publishing designers, urban designers, product designers, interior designers, ...
Minedfield is collaborating closely with these specialized offices, with one goal : to lift your project to the next level.